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Maria Garton


My artistic practice includes painting, sculpture, photography, sound and installation.

Using everyday objects within the urban environment and natural landscape and also the virtual spaces we engage with I focus on issues that relate to our fragile existence as humans within these environments. Reality and fiction are essential elements of the ideas and thought processes that inform the work. I amĀ  interested in how we relate to a sense of place and how our memories can change over time and can become fragmented cross referencing the past, present and future possibilities.The hybrid and fragmentation is part of our contemporary postmodern culture and pervades our everyday experiences from the cacophony of sounds to the visual sensations we experience

Colour is important within my work. I am interested in exploring the way we assign personal meaning to colour and how we subsequently respond to it psychologically.

Communication technology and infrastructure have helped to define the rapidly changing environments we engage with. I am interested in how people interact with their surroundings in importantly profound ways and how this mental mapping enables people to define their environment.